I got to thinking about my most unusual Thanksgiving, and it occurred to me that it's probably Thanksgiving 1984. Nothing WEIRD happened, or anything. It's just, that's the ONLY time I've ever left town for Turkey Day.

My parents and I flew to Dallas and met my New Mexico family halfway, so to speak. We had Thanksgiving dinner at a place called Baby Doe's Matchless Mine, which is no longer open.

THEN, we went to a Dallas Cowboys game. I looked hard but only caught a GLIMPSE of Tom Landry's signature hat.

The Cowboys beat the New England Patriots that cold afternoon, 20-17. This was long before the New England Patriots became the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS.

It was a fun day.

So, I took to Facebook to find out how far YOU have traveled for Thanksgiving. Many of you have really gone a long distance. And ONE of you, literally, went to other side of the world.

Also, I didn't consider those of you who traveled HERE from far away.

And one of you went as far as the next room, which is HILARIOUS

Check it out:

Pennsylvania, New York, Canada, the ocean, NEW ZEALAND(!) And so many more. I love it!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

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