Angel here!  I had the pleasure of emceeing the Miss America send-off party for Miss Kentucky 2018 Katie Bouchard this weekend.

Angel Welsh

When they say you get treated like royalty as Miss Kentucky they aren't lying!  Joe, Charlotte, and I made the trip to Churchill Downs yesterday to attend Katie's send off.

Angel Welsh

Katie was first honored by her Bluegrass Princess Miss Emily Calvert.  She talked of meeting Katied at Summer Day Camp and dreaming of being just like her when she grew up.  She even mentioned how Katie had spent so much time with her helping to mold her into who she is.

Katie was honored by former pageant directors who spoke highly of her character and how amazing of a young lady she is.

The DeLoach Family, a Children's Miracle Network Hospital family talked about Katie's impact on their lives and that of their daughter and how Katie and their daughter had partnered to bring awareness together.

DeLoach Family

Katie's sister, Dr. Emily Bouchard Haire, gave a look back on Katie's live and growing up with "Princess Sunshine" as Katie has been deemed in the Bouchard familly.

Emily Haire

The most notable part of the day is when Miss Kentucky 2018 took the podium to speak.  Katie spoke with such grace, genuineness, and a humble heart.  She is what I have always known her to be and this is what will carry her far.  I loved her telling the story of the night before crowning for Miss Kentucky.  Katie said all the contestants are asked to pack a bag in case they win because they do not get to return to their room if they do and their family has to come clean up.  She said she just had a feeling and packed up her whole room!

I had goosebumps as she was telling the story and couldn't help but admire her faith.  I know myself along with many other people can't wait to see what she does this year and how amazing she'll be in Atlantic City next month when she takes the stage for Miss America.  The Miss America Competition will take place on Sunday, September 9.

Angel Welsh

Katie Bouchard, Miss Kentucky 2018, you have already made us all so proud young lady!  We're all rooting you on to the top!

P.S.  Charlotte says she wants to be just like Katie one day!  I say....DREAM BIG LITTLE GIRL!