Patti's 1880's Settlement has had quite a year and a half. After a fire destroyed the restaurant in February of 2018, the popular tourist destination in Grand Rivers has been in the process of round the clock rebuilding and it may reopen sooner than the owners thought. 

One indication the process is moving along, Patti's held a job fair about a week ago with more to come as the owners are looking to hire more than 200 people.

The goal is to reopen by October 1st in hopes of getting ready for Patti's also popular Christmas season activities. They served over 56,000 guests the December before the fire.

The owners have been keeping their guests updated on the progress of the rebuild with their Facebook and their YouTube channel.

Don't worry, the flour pot bread, the pork chops, the pies will still be on the menu. And there were a few pieces, including antique tables, that were saved from the fire. A few new dining rooms and private dining will be available when they reopen.

All of the other parts of the settlement have remained open since the fire. The Grist Mill Outdoor Cafe has been keeping the food part of Patti's going.

Let's all keep our fingers crossed Patti's Restaurant will be blessed with reopening very soon.

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