It is no secret the COVID pandemic has many people to the end of their rope.  So many adults are feeling anxious and losing more sleep than ever before.  The PepsiCo. Company may have a solution.

Pepsi and dentists are noticing a high rise in sleepless nights and ruined teeth.

According to CNBC;

The drink will contain L-theanine which is thought to reduce stress and help aid in sleep.  It will also have 10% of the amount of magnesium a person needs in their daily diet.   Combining the two will help the consumer "drift" off to dreamland in theory.

The drink will come in only one flavor:  Blackberry Lavender.

Angel here and as someone who has suffered during the pandemic from lack of sleep I can't wait to try this drink.  I have tried everything from Melatonin to an actual prescription medicine to help me sleep with no avail.

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