Angel here and in case you didn't know I sleep with a Grizzly Bear.  Joe Welsh can be heard for miles with his bear-like sleep tendencies.  Am I alone?

I can't be, right?  In fact, I know at least one other person in the world who deals with brother-in-law, Will.  He has told me on multiple occasions he and the kids have to sleep downstairs sometimes because my sister-in-law, Lacie, can vibrate the walls in their room.  I feel you, Will!

There are nights I'm hopeful hopping into bed thinking I might just get a little sleep.  I rush upstairs to beat him to bed thinking "Tonight I will avoid catastrophe" only to be disappointed.

Joe's snoring reminds me of a teenager's personality.  You never know exactly what to expect you could get a happy night's sleep or a raging lunatic completely unaware of the damage they are unleashing.  He might fall asleep and never snore one time and then other nights before he even drifts completely off he is sawing logs like a lumberjack.  And the patterns are all over the map.  If scientists tried to track them they would need therapy (trust me I know) I have had sleepless nights lying awake anticipating when the next loud-bout is coming.  I have developed a slight twitch in one eye.

He is the sweetest man in the whole world and most nights when I wake him to say "baby turn over" he obliges me and just rolls.  Other nights and on into the years of our marriage he has gotten sassy.  I will gently nudge him (okay maybe it is more like a defensive back hitting a quarterback) and then nicely say "Honey, honey, did you know you were snoring?" to which he rudely replies "No, because I was ASLEEP" GRUMPY BEAR!!!!  And then some nights I can't do it and I send him on his merry way to the couch where he terrorizes the rest of the house.

This is no joke.  Their snoring is out of control.  I have tried so many different over-the-counter contraptions and even one prescribed solution to combat it to no avail.



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