No one loves roller coasters more than me, but sometimes they do break down. And sometimes, they break down when the ride is in motion. Not only did it happen at a Six Flags in New Jersey over the weekend, it once happened to yours truly.

I remember once on a family outing to Dollywood in the Smokies, Dad and I went to ride a wooden coaster at the park. I don't recall the name of the ride; Dad thinks it had "Tree Top" in the name. I looked up all the rides at Dollywood and I think the one we rode isn't there anymore. Anyway, as we started climbing the first hill, we slowed down, and then, we came to a complete stop. Next thing we know, each passenger is being escorted down the first hill and the ride closes down for maintenance.

Now granted, the hill we were escorted down was NOT like the Nitro's at Six Flags, um a 230-ft climb?!? Still, we were glad we were safe and we were taken care of. Now if Dolly herself had escorted us all down the hill, that would have sweetened the deal!

You can see footage of the Nitro's breakdown and a POV of the ride, when it's operational, here.

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