Getting out in the summer can be well, humid, however, getting out and gathering fruit, flowers, or just basking in nature can be fun and it can be totally relaxing, as relaxing as lavender. Speaking of lavender, there's a farm in Kentucky that is all about the plant.

Lavender in Bloom in Georgetown is a farm where visitors can pick their own lavender. The lavender blooms at the beginning of June, so picking is going on right now. The farm opened in 2018 when the owners came up with the idea after a trip out west. They currently have 11 varieties of the plant with about 2,000 plants in all. Not only is the lavender picked, but the owners started distilling the plant for hydrosols last year. Hydrosols have all the properties of the essential oil in a milder form.

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Not only can you pick lavender, but the farm also holds a variety of workshops in wreath making, bath bomb-making, and they also offer a yoga class in the field.

Check HERE for their complete schedule and ticket information. You can also get updates on their Facebook page. The farm is about an hour outside Louisville.

Lavender has been used for thousands of years for bathing and washing clothes. The English variety has a sweeter aroma and it can be used for cooking and baking. The French variety is a hybrid that produces more oil and is used in bath and body products. Both types are available at Lavender in Bloom Farm.


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