The old saying is "Money can't buy happiness". I don't know about you, but I feel like $400 million would give it the ole college try, haha! Wednesday's Powerball jackpot is estimated at $400 million!! Say it out loud.... Four...hundred...million! It even sounds good, ha!

Saturday's numbers (21, 24, 36, 42 and 45) were not winners, but would have given a winner an estimated $300 million.

Wednesday's upcoming drawing could produce an estimated $230.2 million, cash value.

So, here's my question... "What would you do with $400 million?!?" I think most of us would eliminate all of our debt first. I wouldn't want a mansion, but a new home would be in order. Then, a car, new wardrobe and future plannings for Carsyn's college, wedding and first home. But, the fun stuff... the fun stuff is where's it's at, ha! Vacations for my family and friends, season tickets to all of my favorite sports teams, donating to all of my favorite charity's.... that's where the fun would be!

So, what would YOU use your new fortune for FIRST?!?