Suddenly, I hate Florida!  In fact, I hate losing.  And I really hate losing 600 million dollars.  Yes.  The winning Powerball numbers have been announced and I think they suck.

The winning numbers for Saturday, May 18th, 2013 . . .

10, 13, 14, 22, 52 Powerball 11

Yippee!!  I looked over my tickets and only managed to match two numbers.  What did I win?  The opportunity to write this blog and complain about it.  Oh Happy Day!!  Someone spot me for a round off back handspring double back tuck!

But, in fairness, we do have to send out a big congratulations to the lucky person who stumbled into a Florida supermarket looking for an orange, some salt water taffy, directions to Sea World or a coupon for Disney and just happened to buy a Powerball ticket worth a ridiculous amount of money.  I just hope, very selfishly I might add, that it was my mother, who's vacationing there as we speak.  Go Mom!!  I really hope she stopped to pee at that store and bought a ticket!