Okay, I know kids--and maybe adults--can be a little mischeivous this time of year, well, on Halloween Night, but sometime this week, I became the victim of an unusual prank.  When I think of typical Halloween pranks, I think of toilet papering someone's house and/or car, maybe putting some Vaseline under a car door handle (that's happened to me), egging cars, and isn't that flaming poo in a bag a popular Halloween prank?  Now I understand none of these are pleasant, but where does stealing a license plate rank on this list? 

Yes, my license plate was stolen, aka "jacked" at some point this week, possibly on Halloween Night.  Why am I not sure?  It may have been swiped in Ohio County because I spent Monday night with my folks.  I didn't notice it was gone until Wednesday night.  I walked out into the parking lot at work and I didn't have a license plate!  It and the screws that held it in place had vanished.  Well, I panicked and then I got very annoyed.  Who steals a license plate?!?  I thought criminals made license plates in prison, but who knows, maybe they are in the big house for stealing them too. 

Thus, yours truly had to file a police report and I want to thank the Owensboro Police Department officer for dropping by and for being so dilligent.  I got a new plate, which didn't cost much at all, and I found a nice guy, who had a broken hand, to put it on for me.  The plate I had was affixed with an Ohio Co. sticker, but now I have a Daviess Co. one, and no offense, but it kind of bummed me out. 

So, the next time you think a prank is harmless, think again.  At least I could have dispensed of the toilet paper, the Vaseline, or the, uh, flaming poopy bag.  And one more license plate picture I found.

License Plates

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