I'm a huge fan of Jeopardy! In fact, since it comes on while I'm on the air, I record it on my DVR.

But I haven't been doing that long enough to have caught the episodes that featured clues containing OWENSBORO!

Seriously, Owensboro was TWICE part of a Jeopardy! clue.

And, by the way, on both occasions the clues came up in DOUBLE JEOPARDY categories.

Let's begin in September of 2004 and a category called "Famous Kentuckians."

It's the $400 clue:

"This movie heartthrob isn't 'From Hell' or from 'Sleepy Hollow;' he's from Owensboro, Kentucky."

Answer: Johnny Depp

Fast forward to March of 2010 and a category called "Kentucky Is Just Ducky."

It's the $800 clue:

"Reflecting the state nickname, the International Museum for this genre of music is in Owensboro."

Answer: Bluegrass

I think this is so cool! And I also found the names of three Owensboroans who've been CONTESTANTS on Jeopardy!--Elizabeth Rogers, Jeff Bowersox, and Lauren Thomas.

Owensboro makes Jeopardy! Who knew? (Well, I guess somebody did.)


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