The most exciting thing I ever found while digging in our yard when I was a kid was an old Matchbox car or a Hot Wheel. Or both. It happened on multiple occasions.  Unfortunately, my dad also found them, at times, while he was mowing. That always led to a rather intense conversation about mower blades and picking up after myself.

Extraordinary Discovery in Kentucky

However, I don't think Dad would have cared in the slightest if he'd discovered coins in the yard. For one thing, he collected them. For another, if he'd found the number of coins that were dug up from a Kentucky cornfield recently...well, let's just say the conversation would have been the OPPOSITE of intense. Knowing Dad, he wouldn't have been as breathlessly exhilarated as THIS guy, but who knows?

Yes, it's the Great Kentucky Hoard, and collectors and experts in the field are beside themselves over this astonishing discovery. I mean, these coins--once they were cleaned off--are in excellent condition.

Millions in Rare Coins Found Buried on a Kentucky Farm tells us that there are more than 800 coins from the Civil War era and before in this haul. They'll be responsible for marketing the collection now that it has been certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Company for certification and grading.

Interestingly, there is a bit of mystery surrounding this discovery, but the nature of the mystery isn't surprising. You see, in all of the sources I consulted for this story, not one time was a specific location mentioned. It's always just called a "Kentucky farm." Also, the name of the person who found them has not been revealed. (I don't blame him.)

Hefty Coin Finds Are Not Rare It Seems

Discoveries like this are not terribly rare, believe it or not. A Nevada man who passed away several years left quite a cache of coins hidden in his home for anyone to locate.

And look what a California couple found in their backyard nine years ago:

As for the man who found them, we may never know his name. But I'd imagine he's a lot wealthier now than he was at the beginning of 2023.

It will be interesting to keep track of these coins, if possible, in order to see where they end up.

[SOURCE: WAVE3-Louisville]

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