You don't get to be a reigning queen of country music without seeing your fair share of unusual sights. Country superstar Reba McEntire is no exception.

During a recent interview with the Advocate, the legendary singer recalled a humorous moment from earlier in her career. “One night in the early ’90s, shortly after [my single] ‘Fancy’ came out, I had a gentleman at one of our fan club get-togethers we’d have, and he showed up in full regalia — total drag — and it really ticked me off because his hair and makeup looked better than mine!” she says with a hearty laugh. “I was kinda wantin’ to get tips! But unfortunately I didn’t have time. I had to go and get ready for the show.”

McEntire has seen many other Reba drag queens since that day, and she she's "absolutely" thrilled and honored every single time. “Imitation is a huge form of flattery,” she says with a smile.

“Having fun with what you’re getting to do and being happy, that’s how I [measure success], and that’s true of any job," she shares. "If you love what you do and you’re happy, then you’re successful. It’s just a really good feeling to be in my fourth decade of getting to sing country music, and each day I feel very blessed and grateful.”

McEntire released her 27th studio album, Love Somebody, on April 14. The album is packed with 12 original songs, including her smoking single "Going Out Like That."

For more information about McEntire's upcoming tour dates, visit her website.

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