Let's start with the good news that, so far, there have been no reports of anyone getting sick from a blood pressure meds mix-up. This according to a CBS News report.

But the fact remains, a recall HAS been issued on the blood pressure drug known as hydrochlorothiazide.

It seems a 100-count bottle of the 12.5mg medication, manufactured by Accord Healthcare, was found to contain ANOTHER drug.

While spironolactone is ALSO a blood pressure medication, it poses a risk for patients if they take it and don't need because it could cause a dangerous spike in potassium levels.

I guess you could take the fact that only one lot of the drug, coded PW05264, being recalled as another piece of good news.

However, NOBODY has any interest in messing around with vitally important prescriptions.

The CBS News story says that these hydrochlorothiazide tablets "are light orange to peach colored, round, and debossed with an 'H' on one side and a '1' on another side."

Naturally, if the tablets in YOUR bottle, for example, do not fit that description, take them back to your pharmacy at once.

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