Reese Witherspoon arrested and Kizzy loves it! Yes, the sweet star of so many sappy films and her husband Jim Toth were arrested early Friday morning in Atlanta.  He was driving and charged with a DUI,. Reese, feisty as ever, was charged with disorderly conduct.   Atlanta police pulled on car over they saw weaving in traffic.While the police dealt with Jim, Reese begin to hang out the window and be generally obnoxious saying she did not believe they were really cops, got out of the car and told the cop he was going to be famous because of "who" he was arresting.

So, they cuffed and arrested her.   We did find out her real name, Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon. Yesterday, she issued a public apology stating she was, "deeply embarrassed". Her grandfather, that I used to see walking along Crockett Road in Brentwood, TN. when I lived there, would be so disappointed.

When Kizzy heard of it, she called in to the Waking Crew Show to tell us how glad ... er, sad she was for Reese.