10pm.  Friday.  September 21st.  The Owensboro Sportscenter, home to WBKR's Pumpkinfest.  ZOMBIES!!!!  ZOMBIES!!!!!  And they are coming for YOU!!!!!!  RUN!!!!!  Gosh, this is one of those times that I wish my keyboard could make letters than look like they're dripping with blood.  Wouldn't that be awesome.   LOL!  Here at WBKR, we are pumped up about our first ever Zombie Run!  It's called WBKR's "The Run for Your Life" and it's going to make you pee your pants and run like the wind!  And registrations are NOW OPEN!

We are now accepting entries for WBKR's "The Run for Your Life!"  The entry fee is just $25 per runner (in advance) and includes an official Zombie Run t-shirt from Central Screen Printing and the chance to win some really cool prizes!  (On site registration is $30 and may NOT include an official race t-shirt).  This race will be one of the featured events of WBKR's Pumpkinfest, which runs September 21st and 22nd at the Owensboro Sportscenter and Moreland Park.

Entry forms are available at the WBKR studios at 3301 Frederica Street, Owensboro, Ky or you can enter online RIGHT HERE!  Round up your friends and prepare to take "The Run for Your Life!"

Picture it.  Darkness in the city streets.  You.  A flag on each hip.  The finish line in sight.  Zombies on your trail.  Can you make it to the finish line??  It's WBKR's "The Run for Your Life" Zombie Run!  Join us.  IF YOU DARE!!!!!