Are we seeing a really cool, but perhaps outdated, tradition come to an end? Are we losing those really awesome revolving restaurants atop hotels?

There used to be one in downtown Nashville on top of a hotel whose name doesn't immediately spring to mind.

It's gone.

And now we're learning that an iconic Louisville hotel is losing part of that which, sort of, MAKES it iconic.

According to a report from WVLK/Louisville, the revolving restaurant on top of The Galt House is set to close with no new tenant arriving anytime soon.

Now, having said that, the company that owns the hotel--which is currently undergoing a massive renovation--has announced it has "big plans" for the space, but no timetable for when those "big plans" will come to fruition.

The Rivue has been open since 2006 and was preceded by The Flagship.

But there's always been a revolving restaurant up there.

It's one of the reasons my parents would always stay there when they'd go to Louisville for funeral director or Kiwanis conventions.

Who knows? Maybe it's difficult to keep something like that going.

I'm counting on these "big plans" to happen as, I imagine, many others are, as well.

If The Galt House is under renovations, I can't believe a huge drawing card like a revolving restaurant on top of the place would be foregone.

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