Ever since I was a kid, I have been a fan of Little Debbie snack cakes. Swiss Rolls... Oatmeal Cream Pies... Zebra Cakes... and my personal favorite, and what I affectionately call "E cakes," the chocolate cupcakes - the icing on top looks like cursive Es.

Is This Goodbye?

Rumors have been swirling around the internet about saying "goodbye" to the sweet, tasty treats, but is it really goodbye for good? Or is it even goodbye at all? The answer to that is... sort of.


It Isn't Exactly Untrue

While it isn't exactly untrue that Little Debbie is leaving, most of us have nothing to worry about. A couple of articles like "Get ‘Em While You Can, Little Debbies Snacks Are Leaving Commissary" and "Goodbye, Little Debbie: Snack cakes to gradually disappear from commissary shelves" do suggest that Little Debbie snack cakes will be disappearing - but only from military commissary shelves.


What Is a Commissary?

A commissary, according to Merriam-Webster, is "a store for equipment and provisions," particularly on a military base or in a prison. It is the former that the articles above are referencing. According to MyBasGuide.com,

If you’re serving in the military, we have some terrible news for you. All Little Debbies snacks found in the commissary of the U.S. military will be going away. Both in the United States and overseas. Due to regulatory costs, Little Debbies snacks cost too much to supply these days.

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This Isn't Goodbye

While Little Debbie may be leaving the US military, her sweet little confections will still be available to US civilians at our nearest supermarket, gas station, or retailer. Unfortunately, it does appear that Little Debbie is not currently being distributed in Canada, according to Arizona's 12News.

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