Okay, I know, it's too early for Christmas Tree Cake talk, but this is a little different. I mean there is Christmas in July, but I digress. I've been a fan of Little Debbie® cakes ever since elementary school. I think my go-to was the Oatmeal Creme Pie and I loved the Fudge Brownies with English Walnuts. They were the brownies before the Cosmic kind took over.

So here's a twist, there is now a park with a playground dedicated to Little Debbie® in Tennessee, which by the way, the popular baked goods company's headquarters are in McKee, Tennessee, a suburb of Chattanooga. It only makes sense the new park is also in the vicinity, in Collegedale.

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McKee Foods bought the property for the park from Southern Adventist University for the specific purpose of building the park and providing green spaces for the community.

The park opened this past Friday and here's a TikTok-er checking it out.


Climbing on Cosmic Brownies and Nutty Buddy Bars?! This is madness but it's a must-see, must-do for any fan of Little Debbie® I would have to protect the giant Oatmeal Creme Pie at all costs.

It appears there's also a gift shop with merch. I bought my sister and myself the Oatmeal Creme Pie candles online a couple of years ago, and they are legit. And I'm almost positive you'll find plenty of Christmas Tree Cake swag.

I mean this is where you absolutely need to celebrate Christmas in July, right?

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