I'm one of those who might occasionally bristle at the overuse of "trendy" phrases. But there's one I've wholeheartedly embraced because it perfectly sums up a certain phenomenon. And you see it all the time on social media.

The phrase in question? "I was today years old."

It's as apt a descriptor as I've ever heard for learning something new that has ALWAYS been true. "I was today years old when I learned Kelsey Grammer was once on a Star Trek series." "I was today years old when I learned the Kentucky Hot Brown was named after the hotel where it was created." Those are a couple of recent examples I've heard.

Classic Comic Strip Was Actually Set in Kentucky

And now there's, "I was today years old when I learned the iconic comic strip Lil Abner was set in Kentucky."

So if we apply the transitive theory, one of the most popular events that high school and middle school kids love ALSO has its roots in Kentucky. Who's got a student who's getting ready for Sadie Hawkins Day--or has already attended one--which always comes accompanied by the Sadie Hawkins Dance?

It looks like these kids are more into "new school" Dogpatch than "old school" Dogpatch.

Of course, if you're going the "new school" route for Sadie Hawkins Day, you'll have to use your imagination; Al Capp retired from writing and publishing the iconic Li'l Abner strip--which is set in Dogpatch--back in 1977.

How You Might Pinpoint Where Dogpatch Was

But did you know that Dogpatch was actually in Kentucky? I had no idea until today. When I was a kid, I thought it was in Arkansas, but then I later learned it was set in Appalachia and, more specifically, eastern Kentucky. And in one strip back in the 1930's, the IRL community of Lee City is mentioned as being about 100 miles away from Dogpatch. Sure enough, that puts Dogpatch squarely in the center of Appalachian Kentucky.

If you've already had your Sadie Hawkins Dance, I hope you had a blast. If it's coming up, remember its origins and impress your friends.

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