What are some of your longstanding family Christmas traditions? I remember mine from childhood very distinctly.

We'd go over to the big Christmas Expo (I'm actually not sure what the official name was, so I'll go with that, for now) at the old Evansville courthouse. Several rooms in the historic old structure were decked out with different types of Christmas scenes.

Of course, we'd all pile in the car and drive around and look at Christmas lights. Parkway Drive and Forest Hills were hotspots (or cold spots?) when I was a kid. It's interesting how the "Christmas lights neighborhoods" change through the years.

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And we'd visit my two great-aunts in their big old house over on Daviess Street for a Christmas Eve get-together.

But Christmas and holiday traditions are forever changing. Something new always arises and becomes part of the annual plan, like the Santa Claus Land of Lights in Santa Claus, Indiana.

Well, how about this?

How about a yearly greeting from Santa Claus...and NOT just at Christmastime?

It's called Portable North Pole and there's an app in addition to the website.

All you have to do is enter your child's information, upload a picture, and get started. And then Santa himself will send personal greetings to up to four kids in your household. There are also interactive Premium videos and one of the sweetest toy train set-ups I have ever seen.

Santa will also inform your kids if they're on the nice list, so make sure they are. We only ALWAYS want GOOD news from St. Nick.

And you can also set it up to receive birthday greetings from Santa Claus every year.

You know, my dad was Santa Claus at Towne Square Mall and Holiday World. He would absolutely love this.

And I bet your kids will, too.

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