Trace Adkins enlisted celebrated singer-songwriter Melissa Etheridge for a song called "Love Walks Through the Rain," and a powerful music video accompanies the thoughtful tune.

In the track, written by Mickey Jack Cones, Marla Cannon-Goodman and Kelly Archer, Adkins and Etheridge use a rainstorm to describe the trials one may face in life, and they stress that love can provide a shelter from these hard times.

"Love walks through rain / With no umbrella / Love's gonna keep you safe / Don't go running for shelter / Run to my arms / When the skies goes dark / And I'll dance you till the clouds break / Love walks through the rain," the two sing in the chorus.

In the song's video, Adkins and Etheridge sing the tune while the story of the song — featuring a struggling couple — plays out onscreen.

Set to a moody background with low lights and rain falling outside, the video follows the couple's ups and downs until they finally find love once again. The video features striking scenes, and the couple even dances together, performing beautiful lifts. The video ends with a wedding band and smiles.

Adkins told CMT he was "honored" to have Etheridge star in what he believes is her first role in a country music video. He also praised directors Mike Stryker and Andrew Rozario for their creative direction of the video.

"As I have often said, my favorite videos are those that follow the storyline of the song," Adkins says. "This one is no different. The directors, Mike Stryker and Andrew Rozario, did a great job of letting the music tell the story."

"Love Walks Through the Rain" appears on Adkins' 25-track album, The Way I Wanna Go, released in August 2021.

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