Seven-Year-Old Curtis Rogers, from Raleigh, North Carolina, is a first grader but he is already proving he knows what it means to give his heart to a lady.  His babysitter, Rachel Chapman's prom was canceled and he wanted to make sure she still was still able to celebrate in the proper way.

Rachel has been Curtis' sitter every single day for over a year now.  With COVID-19 all over the world, Rachel had not been able to see Curtis but he knew her high school prom was not going to happen.

Curtis literally pulled out all the stops to make it all happen.  He got a new suit, make an appropriate promposal, with an evening complete with dinner, social distancing, and of course dancing.

The best part is Curtis remembered all of Rachel's very favorite things.  He was very detail-oriented for the entire night and made sure it was something she would never forget.

I spoke with Elissa Rogers Curtis' mom and she is super thankful for everyone being so supportive and kind words she gave me permission to share pictures from this special day.

7-Year-Old Asks Babysitter To Prom

In consideration of all the news making headlines in our world.  Curtis and Rachel's story is the sunshine we all needed.  Thank you Curtis for being the amazing young man you are and the inspiration this world so desperately seeks.


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