So, this is Day Ten of my favorite month. In exactly three weeks, I will bid farewell to October for another 12 months. And I want my fall weather!

During my conversation with Eyewitness News Chief Meteorologist Wayne Hart yesterday, he fleetingly mentioned that most of the next couple of weeks would involve above normal temperatures.

Uh...that will take us to something like the 24th!

And then there's this:

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

Yep, more showers thunderstorms are expected later today. And not the kind you get in the fall.

In case you haven't stuck your head outside recently, it is not just warm, it is MUGGY WARM outside.

Fortunately, I'm told this will usher in cooler temperatures going forward, but, again, one third of my favorite month has been consumed by the kind of weather we get in the summer.

Am I going to have to switch loyalties to November?

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