I had some Very Special guests on my radio show! Ryan & Layla Thompson and their 4 month old baby boy, Casey Adler. Layla is my daughter and along with her husband Ryan, they are missionaries in Thailand. They also have two other children, 2 1/2 year old Bellamy & 5 year old Declan. They have been living in Thailand for over 2 1/2 years and have done some amazing work with Casting a Net Ministry & Life Impact International.

You need to check out what they are doing as missionaries on the air this Friday, Saturday & Sunday on 1490 AM & 99.1 FM at 8:00 am CT.

Since Casey Adler was in the studio with them, I thought it might be a great way to show an easy exercise that any care taker or parent could do with a baby. When I described this simple exercise to Layla, she quickly named it, "Don't drop the baby Squats!" That name actually describes it very well!

I had Layla & Ryan facing one another, with Ryan holding baby Adler in front of him. Adler seemed to be loving all the attention and the exercise! Ryan and Layla did two consecutive squats at the same time and then Ryan passed baby Adler off to Layla. They continued doing their squats and passing the baby. This exercise is Fantastic for the lower body, core and Upper body. I suggested that they do this exercise for 8-16 repetitions for 2-3 sets. I do believe baby Adler enjoyed every second of Mom & Dad passing him back and forth! He was way too cute!

It's always a great idea to incorporate the kiddos into your daily exercise routine. If you had older children, they could do this together with a smaller play ball and pass it back and forth while they continue their squats. You could also have your older child face you and pass the ball back and forth while squatting. The main thing is, have FUN!

Also, Remember to breathe and keep your belly pulled in, SCOOP!

For more simple exercises that you can do anywhere, check out my website at www.shapedbyfaith.com

Also, PLEASE check out Casting a Net ministry!

Casting a Net missionaries Ryan & Layla Thompson have partnered with Life Impact International(LII), in Thailand, to produce agricultural goods to sustain safe homes for children rescued out of the sex slave trade. They also design and manage construction projects for Life Impact International. Check out Casting a Net Ministry Facebook Page and Please help support their efforts in rescuing children!



Watch the Video Demonstration Here.