After an astounding 1,663,520 votes, Kevin Brown landed in 4th place in our She Thinks Her Farmer's Sexy Too photo contest. He brought it home with 80,103 votes in the poll. Let's meet Kevin and more of your Sexy Farmer nominees.

Hannah Grose

You submitted photos of your sexy farmer for the She Thinks Her Farmer's Sexy Too photo contest, sponsored by Madisonville Garage Doors of Owensboro, and now it's time to reveal your 4th place winner.

Hannah Grose

Meet farmer, Kevin Brown from Boonville, IN. Not only is Kevin sexy, but he's also a great hard-working family man. Here's what his family shared about Kevin, "He’s the hardest working person I know and is so passionate about farming. But no matter what, his two boys are his first priority. He's gotten so far in life already because of his dedication and persistence. He really is amazing in every way."

Kevin can take a much needed break and have an amazing dinner at Cavanaugh's at Tropicana Evansville. He's won dinner for two which has a $100 value!

Tune in tomorrow at noon as we reveal your 3rd Place Farmer. We will also continue to share all of the hardworking farmers that were nominated throughout the week!

Here's a Look at Some of the Nominees:

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