We teamed up with Murphy Excavating to celebrate the men/women that deliver the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and the gas we burn. You submitted over 50 photos of the 'sexy' truckers in your life for the She Thinks Her Trucker's Sexy Photo Contest, and now it's time to reveal your 5th-place winner.

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After 52,497 total votes in the contest were tabulated, Robert Shelton of Green River Post won 5th place. All week he went head-to-head with Melissa Brauns at UPS (4,099) and then pulled away over the weekend securing 4,769 votes for the win.

This is what Miranda Shelton had to say about Robert, "He is the absolute best!"

Sherri Arnold
Robert got my votes lol a lot of them, plus Ashley Rudd got my votes too.

His hard work has paid off and he's headed for a date night to Old Hickory BBQ in Owensboro for dinner, along with a bottle of their brand-new sauce.

Barb Birgy
Barb Birgy

Tune in tomorrow as we reveal your 4th Place Trucker. We'll also continue to share all the hardworking truckers nominated throughout the week. Be sure to thank a truck driver today for delivering day in and day out. We must also thank the trucker's families. We appreciate you!


Meet the Truckers Nominated in the "She Thinks Her Trucker's Sexy" Contest

Ah, breaker one-nine… ladies, it's time to meet the sexy truckers. Previously we celebrated sexy farmers and plumbers well now, here at WBKR, we've teamed up with Murphy Excavating to spotlight local truckers with the, "She Thinks Her Trucker's Sexy Photo Contest". Let's meet the sexy truckers!

WBKR's She Thinks Her Trucker's Sexy Photo Contest is sponsored by Murphy Excavating.

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