Rob Young works at Mobile Marketing. He's been described as a hard-working and caring husband, father, and papaw. Now, he can add one of the sexiest truckers in the tri-state to his resume. After a close race, Rob pulled away over the weekend securing 5,790 votes and a 3rd place victory in the She Thinks Her Trucker's Sexy Photo Contest.

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Because truckers move freight 365 days a year, they're critical to America's supply chain. We depend on them for the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the gas we burn, and the house we live in. This wouldn't be possible without the trucking industry and Rob Young. Our 3rd-place winner in the She Thinks Her Trucker's Sexy Photo Contest sponsored by Murphy Excavating. He was just 23 votes shy of winning 2nd place. It was such a close race!

Cathy Young/CANVA
Cathy Young/CANVA

"He works hard for his family. He sacrifices holidays; birthdays; weddings; and vacations; when family comes out of town He is the one that is usually not available for the fact his on the road. He sacrifices his time and family to deliver and pick up what is needed of him. He's the most caring husband; father and papaw to our kids and grandkids. He deserves the world but doesn't ask for anything. Truckers make the world go round and show them the love they deserve." - Kathy Young shared about her hard-working husband

Rob and Kathy are headed to see Chris Young at the Beaver Dam Amphitheatre.

Barb Birgy
Barb Birgy

Tune in tomorrow as we reveal your 2nd Place Trucker. We'll also continue to share all the hardworking truckers nominated throughout the week. Be sure to thank a truck driver today for delivering day in and day out. We must also thank the trucker's families. We appreciate you!


Meet the Truckers Nominated in the "She Thinks Her Trucker's Sexy" Contest

Ah, breaker one-nine… ladies, it's time to meet the sexy truckers. Previously we celebrated sexy farmers and plumbers well now, here at WBKR, we've teamed up with Murphy Excavating to spotlight local truckers with the, "She Thinks Her Trucker's Sexy Photo Contest". Let's meet the sexy truckers!

WBKR's She Thinks Her Trucker's Sexy Photo Contest is sponsored by Murphy Excavating.

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