After a close race, it's time to reveal your 4th-place winner in the She Thinks Her Trucker's Sexy photo contest. Andrew Dill works as a Certified Driver Trainer at Ryder System, Inc. by day, and at night he's bringing sexy back!

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This nomination also comes with a back story. His manager and I had a good laugh when I realized Andrew was being nominated by his boss Jeff Branham. He wasn't alone! Jeff also submitted Bill Rager for consideration. After 52,497 total votes in the contest were tabulated, Andrew beat Bill by a lot of votes. There's going to be some bragging going on in the office today. Andrew picked up 5,645 in the contest, while Bill got just 1,692 votes. While "His Body Is a Wonderland", “Don't Stop Believin'” Bill, your day will come! Bright side? You did beat Fred Daniel, the semi-loving pup who got 1,422 votes.

Jeff Branham/CANVA
Jeff Branham/CANVA

Alex's friends weren't all supportive, as shown on social media!

Dennis Prow
Naww, Otis the trucker dog has my vote! lol

Adam Fullmer
IDK man, I've seen Bill Rager and it's a toss-up.

Andrew has won 2 tickets to see Scotty McCreary at the Victory Theatre in Evansville!

Barb Birgy
Barb Birgy

Andrew was just 146 votes shy of winning 3rd place in the contest, sponsored by Murphy Excavating. The lead for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th changed dozens of times during the voting period. It was fun to watch!

Tune in tomorrow as we reveal your 3rd Place Trucker. We'll also continue to share all the hardworking truckers nominated throughout the week. Be sure to thank a truck driver today for delivering day in and day out. We must also thank the trucker's families. We appreciate you!


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