I remember posting a blog last summer asking listeners whether or not they were going to tune in to CBS' thriller/drama series Under the Dome, and the response went both ways. Author Stephen King even had a cameo in the first episode in season 2, which began three weeks ago. I think the show is a blast because it keeps you guessing as to how the town of Chester's Mill is going to escape the dome.

I was especially excited when I saw the promo for this week's episode guest starring country singer and part-time actor Dwight Yoakam. At this point in his career, Yoakam is still acting, but he's playing more shows all over the world. In fact, Yoakam is slated to perform at this weekend's Forecastle Festival in Louisville and he will be opening for Eric Church this November at the Ford Center in Evansville.

However, Yoakam's evil barber Lyle Chumley is a delight to watch on Under the Dome. His character starts out as a just another ordinary citizen and we first seem him shaving the town's corrupt, now trying to turn his reputation around mayor, Big Jim Rennie (Dean Norris). I won't spoil it, but Lyle isn't all he's cracked up to be and we'll see him again next week.

Under the Dome airs Monday nights at 9:00 PM on CBS 44 WEVV.