A significant storm will continue to push thru the region this afternoon and tonight. We're sharing the snow removal procedures and the priority route map for city streets. We also have an update from the Owensboro Transit System.

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We're in the midst of our biggest snowstorm of the season, and there's even more to come this week. More significant snowfall could come on Wednesday and Thursday, this is why it's a good idea to plan ahead. The City of Owensboro is doing just that.

The Owensboro Transit System is operating under normal business hours, but only driving snow routes. If you need help finding a snow route stop near you call (270) 687-8570.

City of Owensboro
City of Owensboro
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Use the following tips to help keep the streets clear of snow and ice this week.

The City of Owensboro shared ways that you can help them keep Owensboro clean by following these guidelines:

*Park off the Street: Whenever possible, park vehicles off of the street. This allows our machine to sweep curb to curb.
*Remove Obstructions: Obstructions such as basketball goals or trailers can block sweeping; please remove from the street.
*Trash Cans: Remove mobile carts from the streets as soon as possible; on the same day of service.
*No Debris: City Ordinance prohibits placing debris, such as leaves, grass or bushes in the street.
*No Children: Please keep children away from sweeper. Playing in the street is dangerous!

"Under no circumstances may snow be plowed or blown in a manner that interferes with snow removal operations, or with the public's normal use of roadways and streets. When removing snow from private property, regardless of the type of equipment used, no loose or packed snow shall be allowed to remain on the public roadway or street. Private Driveways and Entrances shall be the responsibility of the residential owner, occupant, community association, or business for snow removal. (To reduce the problem of snow being plowed back into driveways, snow should be shoveled into yards rather than into the street).", they added.

City of Owensboro KY - Mayor's Office
City of Owensboro KY- Mayor's Office

Warming centers are open to provide shelter during these extreme temperatures. Free transportation will also be available for those who need it.

The Daviess County Animal Shelter is offering free straw to pet owners while supplies last. The shelter also wants to remind residents not to use blankets or hay. They're offering more tips to keep your pet safe as the temps continue to fall.

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