You may have heard about some of the reports of large fish die offs in the Ohio River and surrounding areas or, like me, you may have seen them for yourself. The gossip around the neighborhood this morning was all about the smell. Taking out the trash has taken on an all new aroma in my neighborhood.

So, theories thus far have included first and foremost temperature, which when a week long heat advisory is on is a fairly reasonable idea, and dumping of or opening of formerly dumped toxic substances. WEHT News 25 reported yesterday that dead fish were showing up on the shores of the Ohio River in Evansville but according to the conversation officer interviewed for the story there was no reason for concern. Officer Mike Kellner told reporter Ian Connor that it was just a matter of temperature change. Regardless of the theory the universal opinion holds stinks.

 My neighborhood has a lake in the dead center of several blocks with many houses completely surrounding the lake. I spoke to several neighbors including Sherry Crabtree who was kind enough to share photographs taken from her backyard. Sherry said she had contacted several organizations about the deceased swimmers but was told that the owner of the lake would be responsible for clean-up. All I know is the Apollo area neighborhood I call home needs an economy size air freshener.

So, how about your area? Are you seeing similar circumstances in lakes or on your portion of the riverfront. Let us know and be nice to mother nature or she'll punch you where it hurts...right in the nostrils.

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