Have you ever had to take your kid to work with you? This Tennessee Representative may wish he had gotten a babysitter after going viral for his son's hilarious photobombing.

Now, I have definitely had to take Rollins to work with me before. Even here at the station. Taking it a step further, I've put my child on the air for thousands of people to hear his unpredictable self live on the radio. It's always a little nerve-wracking taking your child with you to work because you want them to be on their best behavior and not embarrass you.

I can't imagine taking a kiddo to sit through legislative proceedings. They'd probably be so bored and antsy! Rep. John Rose’s 6-year-old son, Guy, just graduated kindergarten. He is out for summer break, but work continues for ole dad, so Guy joined him in session this week. As you can see, he was ready for his time to shine. It just so happened to be while his dad was giving a speech that is very serious to him.

Apparently Rep. Rose brought Guy with him to give his wife, Chelsea, a bit of a breather from wrangling both boys. She also works full time and is home with Guy and his younger three-year-old brother, Sam.

Rep. Rose shared on X, “This is what I get for telling my son Guy to smile at the camera for his little brother,” And smile he sure did! And stuck his tongue out, rolled his eyes, made secret hand signals that probably only Sam could understand. We could all use a little something to make us laugh when it comes to politics these days! Thanks Guy!

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