A Glasgow woman found a Bible in Bowling Green and made it her mission to reunite it with its rightful owner. The missing Bible could be a cherished family treasure, used for personal study, or as an endless source of comfort for someone. Denise Williams has turned to social media to find the owner.

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My Mom passed away in 2014 after a long battle with breast cancer. Her unrelenting faith through her journey was an inspiration to many, including me. I received her Bible after she died, and it means everything. And, it was in Mom's Bible that I found solace and peace during those dark days. I am grateful she took notes, journaled, and placed bookmarks on her favorite passages. Because of this, my Mom has strengthened my faith. Is your Bible a cherished family treasure? If so, you'll understand why we need to find the owner of the missing Bible.

I hope and pray whoever this belongs to finds it. I know this bible must be special to someone! - Shyla Robinette

I believe someone set it on top of their car and forgot it. I hope someone knows this person and it gets back to them. - Judy Monney

Denise Williams/CANVA
Denise Williams/CANVA


Denise Williams and her family were having dinner at Panda Express in Bowling Green earlier this month. When they left the restaurant, they found a purple bible lying in the parking lot. She checked the Bible for a name to help solve the mystery, with no luck. So, over the last several days, Denise has been on a mission to reunite it with its owner. Her post on social media has gone viral.

"I know this is a very long shot, but we ate at Panda Express in Bowling Green this evening, and I found this Bible lying in the parking lot. It has been very loved. There is quite a bit highlighted, especially in the New Testament. I would love for this to make it home, wherever that may be."

I asked her about the amazing response her post was getting. Denise shared, "It has blown up WAY more than I expected. My brother commented that you are powerful when you have a purpose. And I honestly feel I have a purpose." Now, let's hope the amazing response finds the owner. I know how I'd feel if I ever lost my Mom's Bible, and somebody may be in the same position right now.

Denise Williams/CANVA
Denise Williams/CANVA

Maybe God intends to connect you with the person that lost it, and their lost bible is the way to get you two together. You just never know. - Polly Blair

You're right! You never know, but if you have any information, you can message Denise HERE.

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