If you frequent restaurant review sites, you know that one harsh review can literally scar a restaurant. It's easy to just focus on the bad in anything especially when that's all you ever hear about. So, I found a very positive story that could've turned out much differently for one Northern Vanderburgh County restaurant.

Image: Darmstadt Inn
Image: Darmstadt Inn

Last week the Darmstadt Inn posted a warning to customers that one of their waitresses had been injured and they were operating with a short staff. They weren't asking for help, they just wanted guests to know what they were dealing with if they were heading out to eat.

Prayers for Sue

Immediately, the comments started rolling in with concerns about the waitress that was injured. Turns out, everyone in the Darmstadt area is a fan of Sue's and wanted to make sure that she was ok. Thank goodness it wasn't too serious, but she did have to make a trip to the emergency room.

Help Pouring In

One of the issues the Darmstadt Inn was having without Sue was no server for alcohol. As they were scrambling to get some help called in, help arrived. Tina Rae Kennedy-Bunker Byrns works at Rick's 718, and she stopped in and got right to work.

Sincere Thank You from Darmstadt Inn

Today proved we have more than “customers” we have friends. One of the employees got hurt (not serious yet painful, a sprained knee) and had to leave. She was the only waitress so we had to close for a couple of hours before we could round up help. The outpouring of care and concern was amazing. Offers from people that live nearby that have liquor licenses offering to come in and help, prayers for Sue’s knee and genuine kindness showed to Tina Rae Kennedy-Bunker Byrns from 718 when she came to help us out not knowing our computer system or where to find anything. Your patience and understanding was touching. Thank you all very much. Thank you as well to the staff that were there trying to make it work and going above and beyond.

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