When I was a kid, I would get a Guinness Book of World Records every year for Christmas. Well, I did until I realized most of those records didn't update enough to get one annually. But they're certainly fun to peruse.

What I enjoyed the most back then were the bizarre categories that didn't occur to me would be included before I got my first one. Honestly, if it was all about sports records--and that section IS enormous--it wouldn't be a very interesting read. But when you have categories like longest fingernails (fascinating but gross) or fastest Rubik's cube solution, you keep reading.

I would throw "most high fives" into the "unusual" category, too, except that I've learned THAT record isn't all that unusual. Let's go back to 2016 and watch the Santa Barbara Track Club break the record for most high fives in 60 seconds (and maybe watching it in slow motion would be better):

But yesterday, the Santa Barbara Track Club mark was eclipsed in southern Indiana at the Princeton Community Intermediate School when 368 students broke the Guinness World Record for most high fives in one minute:

Led by PCIS principal Dr. Austin Chamberlain, here's how this amazing and FUN event went down.

Here's the interview with Eyewitness News in which a breathless Dr. Chamberlain explains the motivation behind this record-breaking event:

You can add the Princeton school's feat to a growing list of Guinness World Records set in the Hoosier State. They include but are not limited to the most laptop computers toppled domino-style; longest time spent surfing a wave by a female; and the world's  longest shower. If you want more, head to the Guinness Book of World Records website and search "Indiana." I learned there are 815 results when you do.

Soon, thanks to Princeton Community Intermediate School, there will be 816.

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