As you probably know, my wife Debra and I are big fans of Antiques Roadshow. We like to watch the reaction people have when they are told what their item is worth. It is especially irksome when they say, “Oh” or “Hmm”, “Really?” when the dingy, dinky little picture or blanket they have is worth fifteen thousand dollars. Many a time Debra and/or I will yell, “I couldn’t sell that fast enough” when you know they are keeping Grandma’s little doggie planter.

 When the show returns in January, there will be a new record breaker. Some guy in Tulsa brought five Chinese cups made from rhinoceros horns to be appraised. Get this - they may be worth as much as $1.5 million – that’s million – dollars.

Holy Rhino Horns! Better check out your collection for when Antiques Roadshow returns to Louisville.