If you are a frequently traveler of U.S. Highway 60 between Owensboro and Henderson, understand that your plans will need to change in December, for a while.

First, in the interest of full disclosure, I hate that bridge and love that route. I'm a backroad kind of guy when I have the time, but that bridge...YEESH!

You probably know that one of our WBKR vehicles is a great big van.

Well...try driving across that creeky old thing in a van when there's a semi approaching in the other lane.

Good Lord.

Anyway, in December, according to a report from our friends at Eyewitness News, the Spottsville Bridge will be closed for a couple of weekends.

That doesn't sound TOO bad, since a more frequent user of that bridge might be using on weekdays. But it's still a hassle if you need that route on a more regular basis than for just getting to work.

Starting on Friday, December 1st--just two weeks from now--the bridge will close at 6PM so that repairs may commence.

To that, I say, "HALLELUJAH!"

It will re-open Monday, December 4th, at 5AM.

It will close again the following weekend--December 8th through the 11th--during the same hours.

Please plan accordingly.


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