It's Yard Sale season and we're celebrating here at WBKR by giving you the chance to get yours featured on the WBKR morning show.

If you're familiar with our show, you know that on Fridays we routinely feature Angel's Bargain of the Week. We love giving you the opportunity to save money.

If there's a sale somewhere, we want you to know about it.  If one of those gigantic "highway" sales is going on, we're gonna tell you.  If a local thrift store is poppin' tags and doing bag sales, we're gonna tell you about that too.

Look, Angel and I both love consignment stores and clearance racks.  Personally speaking, anytime I walk into a clothing store the very first thing I do is go look through the clearance rack.  Angel's the same way.  We love saving money and we love helping YOU save money.

Well, this summer, while we're helping people save money, we're going to help you make money!  If you are hosting a yard sale, we have cooked up a cool opportunity for you.

Oh, by the way, before we get to that, if you're planning a garage/yard sale, here are some helpful tips to follow.

So, here's the scoop!

On Friday mornings, Chad & Angel will be turning into YARD SAILORS and will be choosing a yard/garage sale in Owensboro to crash live on the air.  We'll bring a station vehicle to your house, some WBKR goodies for you and your bargain hunters and we'll do a broadcast break from your yard sale.

If you'd like the YARD SAILORS to roll up in your yard, fill out the form below!  We just may choose your yard to crash.


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