It was a really nice weekend. Saturday was, dare I say it, comfortable. Sunday was a little hotter, but the humidity was still within shouting distance of decent.

Didn't matter.

The weather alert on my phone still indicated an excessive heat warning in effect for the coming week.

Lord, give me strength...and water and ice and air conditioning. And, yeah, I'll go ahead and say it...FALL! Give me fall, for cryin' out loud.

I don't know about you, but I think I may have gotten a little spoiled during the first half of June. The temperatures were nice. The humidity was low. We even had to wear long sleeves and jackets on June 1st. I feel like some of us--myself included--may have been lulled into believing we were in for a mild summer. I guess the joke was on us.

Excessive heat warnings are now weekly occurrences. I can't remember when I've sought out extended forecasts more often, doing so in search of some glimmer of hope that there's a cooler day SOMEwhere out there.

And, see, that's the trouble with extended forecasts. You might see a high of, oh, say, 81 degrees 15 days out. But, then, the weather has 15 days to do all sorts of stuff and turn that projected 81 into another miserable 95, or worse.

So, we once again settle in and prepare for excessive heat. We once again plan to make sure a cold bottle of water will always be close at hand and that our air conditioners are in working order.

I don't mean to make light of this weather advisory. Obviously, excessive heat warnings should always be taken seriously. But, by now, we've had so many, I think we all know exactly what to do.

In other words, we got this.

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