Memorial Day weekend is known for remembering our armed forces and those that gave all.  And, of course, hamburgers, hot dogs and the opening of swimming pool season. For race fans, it is a day filled with great racing.

We turn to our buddy, Blake Smith for his review.

The Grand Prix of Monaco, The Indianapolis 500 and Coca-Cola 600 will all be run within a day’s time. While many people are outside grilling and enjoying the 2nd day of a  3 day weekend, die-hard race fans will be enjoying the inside comforts of air conditioning, WBKR and motorsports. 

This weekend’s Coca-Cola 600 will mark the 107th race at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Teams will utilize information they gained during last week’s All-Star race to formulate a set-up that they feel will put their car in victory lane.

The race will go through “the change” around the 300-400 mile mark. “The Change” refers to the change in track conditions as the sun goes down and the track gains grip. The crew chief will have to build adjustability into the car for changing track conditions throughout the event.

An All-Star/Coca-Cola 600 “sweep” has happened on seven different occasions: Darrell Waltrip (1985), Davey Allison (1991), Dale Earnhardt (1993), Jeff Gordon (1997), Jimmie Johnson (2003), Kasey Kahne (2008) and Kurt Busch in 2010.  After a dominating performance from the #48 Lowe’s team in last weekend’s All-Star race, my pick for this weekend is Jimmie Johnson.

WBKR is the place to be Sunday. Tune into the Indianapolis 500 at 11 and then right afterwards, the Coca-Cola 600. 

Catch Malcolm West on Race Talk Live at 7PM Tuesday for a complete wrap up of all the weekend’s racing events.

--Blake Smith.