We all set goals and have dreams for ourselves.  Long ago, my good friend Teresa Cook set two big goals for herself based on lifelong dreams.  First, she wanted to become a stand up comic.  Thanks to the creation of her hilarious alter ego, Kizzy, she was able to do that.  By the way, I was with Teresa the day Kizzy was born.  It happened, quite hilariously, in an aisle of Hobby Lobby next to a kitchen canister labeled "Sundries."  What was born that day at Owensboro's Hobby Lobby took Teresa (and "Kizzy") all over the U.S. and plopped her in front of crowds of thousands. Goal accomplished.  Dream lived.  In the words of Kizzy, "Please and thank you."

Her second dream combines her love of shopping, bargain hunting, dumpster diving (yeah, I said it) and selling.  While she once maintained four successful retail booths at Peddler's Mall, Teresa longed to own and open her own store.  Well, that dream is about to become a reality too.  In fact, it will officially become a reality next week.

Teresa recently signed a lease for her own store!  The building is located at 3283 Alvey Park Drive East just off Hwy 54.  That's where Teresa's fully realized dream- Sweet T's Relic Recovery- will live!  Sweet T's is situated in the area near Owensboro Gymnast and U.S. Bank Home Mortgage and it will officially open to the public at 4pm, Wednesday, November 3rd!

Teresa says when you walk into her store you'll feel like you're walking into a charming, southern home.  "It'll be like walking into Grandma's house."   And she's not kidding.  For years, I have kidded Teresa.  This woman loves to shop and she loves to collect.  I have always jokingly referred to her as Sanford & Daughter.  But the truth is this.  Teresa knows that shopping is therapy and we all need a little retail therapy every now and then.  But at Sweet T's, you'll get to enjoy what Teresa calls "resale" therapy.

Teresa says, "Sometimes I want to shop and relieve some stress, but I only have like $3."  At Sweet T's, you'll be able to find something wonderful and meaningful for that $3.  "Everyone and every budget will feel like they have a home here."  And Teresa promises that every vendor on hand will have a "discount" space for those moments when you are really wanting to buy, but don't have a lot of money to spend.

Among the vendors at Sweet T's: In the Groove (their 3rd location here in Owensboro/Daviess County), Ross Randoms, Lisa Thompson, Out of the Past-Revived (Andrea Woolen-Hayse) and Tichenor's Treasures (MaryBeth Tichenor).

By the way, Sweet T's has one 8 x 10 space available for rental and interested vendors should contact Teresa quickly at teresacook628@gmail.com.  Also, Sweet T's will offer consignment on a limited basis.  That consignment will specialize in home decor and craft items.  No clothing, electronics or food.  Again, if you are interested in consignment opportunities, contact Teresa at the email address above for pricing and availability.

For Teresa, the opening of Sweet T's is truly a full circle moment.  When she was a child living in England, her mom Kathy "dragged her to every antique shop for miles." Teresa admits she hated it at first.  That is until she was about ten or eleven.  It was then that she started collecting dog figurines and displaying them in her room.  That's when she had a massive change of heart.  She got excited about shopping and thrill of a great, new, exciting find!  And it's that quest for great finds and bargains that has shaped who Teresa is today, how she shops and how she is bringing Sweet T's to life for others.

Sweet T's is scheduled to be open Wednesdays and Thursdays 4pm to 7, Fridays 12:30pm to 7pm and Saturdays and Sundays 12pm to 5pm.  Teresa can't wait to welcome you into the store- her charming southern store that's gonna make you feel like you've walked back into your grandma's house.  So, go on in.  You just never know what kind of "sundries" you're going to find!

Inside Sweet T's Relic Recovery


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