Way on back in 1992, my friend Mark, who lived in Atlanta at the time but HAD lived in Ashland just a few years before, asked me if we were playing that new song by Ron Cyrus's son.

After a minute, I put two and two together and asked, "Oh, you mean Billy Ray Cyrus?" He confirmed and then I confirmed that we were--referring to "Achy Breaky Heart." And then asked, "Uh, who's Ron Cyrus?" And then I learned he was a member (at the time) of the Kentucky House of Representatives. Billy Ray is originally from Flatwoods, just north of Ashland. Congressman Cyrus passed away in 2006.

But I think the fact that Ron Cyrus was a representative is appropriate since, over the last 29 years, his son has done a pretty decent job of representing the Commonwealth of Kentucky, thanks to a spectacular career that began with one of the biggest-selling country songs of all time.

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I even got to meet Billy Ray once. I was doing a roadshow at the old Planet Hollywood in downtown Nashville and there were artists coming through giving interviews to radio folks. He stopped by and brought a whole bunch of chicken tenders. He said that two Kentucky boys can't be in a restaurant and not have fried chicken. I appreciated that. He's a good dude.

Well, that good dude is doing a concert in nearby Radcliff, Kentucky on September 11th in a parking lot between Red Hill Cutlery and Boundary Oak Distillery. This according to The News-Enterprise.

And the best part? The concert will be free--with the exception of some VIP and special seating and serve as the perfect climax for a big day of events in Radcliff.

So if you don't have any plans that day and you're a fan, grab a camp chair and head up U.S. 60 and enjoy the show.

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