Strike A Pose & Pop A Squat
Angel here! One of our church pastors posted a picture of his dog photo "bombing" his daughter. We have the picture right here and I can't quit laughing.
Layla Versus Cheddar
Angel here! There is never a dull moment in the Welsh household. As if having four kids fighting wasn't enough now the dog and cat have decided they want to brawl out nightly!
That's A Good Chad!
Angel here! So I always love to play jokes on Chad when he goes out of town. I just happened to get a great video of Chad acting like a dog doing tricks. This is HILARIOUS!!!!!
Angel's Family is GROWING
Angel Here! I know what you're thinking "Really? They're adding more monkeys to that circus?" The answer: ABSOLUTELY & I wanted to share our news here first!
Bark In Style
This past Saturday evening the Campbell Club, several local boutiques and businesses came together in "STYLE" to help our furry four-legged friends of SPARKY.  Check out some of the highlights from the night!