Do you own a dog?  Do you know the leash laws for dogs in the State of Kentucky?  We decided to take a look at the law.  I think you'll be a bit surprised.

Here is what Kentucky Law says;

Every female dog in heat shall be confined in a building or secure enclosure in such a manner that the female dog cannot come in contact with a male dog except for a planned breeding.
KRS § 258.255

Any peace officer or animal control officer may seize or destroy any dog found running at large between the hours of sunset and sunrise and unaccompanied and not under the control of its owner or handler.
KRS § 258.265

Our family lives on a dead end.  When we let Layla Rose out we don't put her on a leash most days.  We go outside with her and watch her use the restroom.  Now when I take her for a walk I always put her on a leash.  She is a really good dog and doesn't chase other dogs but she loves her a squirrel and will go after it in a heartbeat!

So what are your thoughts on this?  I've seen multiple people that do not put their animals on leashes in public.

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