I was in Henderson, Sunday, when I drove past a neon gas price sign that nearly stopped me dead in my tracks. Good thing it didn't; there was a semi behind me. But it did cause me to turn in and fill up my tank, even though I was  three-quarters of a tank full. The sign said $3.53 for regular unleaded...$3.53!

I bought the gas before I started thinking about why on earth I was able to get it for 26 fewer cents than I could at the cheapest (at the time) spot in Owensboro. Now, I wonder about something else. Why is that Henderson gas now--just two days later--$3.84 a gallon?

I was all prepared to come back and be righteously indignant about the vast chasm between what I had to pay in Owensboro and what I paid in Henderson. But, now that point is moot. Henderson gas now shot back up past Owensboro.

What's more, last week when I went over for the Easter Seals Telethon, gas in Henderson was around $3.93 a gallon. So, in 9 days' time, Henderson gas has dropped 40 cents and skyrocketed back 31 cents. Now, I guess we can be thankful in Owensboro that the gas is starting to drop, although not precipitously like it is for our neighbors at the other end of the Audubon Parkway.

But, I wouldn't mind a little $3.53 action, even if it's only for a few days like it seemed to be over there. Still, $3.77--the lowest current gas price in Owensboro that doesn't require a membership--is better than $3.89. But, I can't help but wonder why.

So, here it is...why? Seriously, why? Can anyone offer an explanation as to why Owensboro usually seems to be higher than other cities around us? Can anyone offer an explanation as to why Henderson gas prices slingshot like that do? Can anyone start making cars that run on corn oil? I've got a bottle of that in the cabinet.

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