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This is VERY COOL!  Last Saturday's TASTE OF COUNTRY concert was AWESOME enough on its own.  But now, you can relive the entire day . . . courtesy of WBKR's I.T. guy Ben Davis.  He made this time-lapsed video of the entire event!  It covers everything that happened, from set-up Friday morning at 9am…
Taste of Country – Setup [Gallery]
Just thought we would share some photos of the stage being set for tomorrow's Taste of Country concert at Ellis park. Tickets are still available and can be purchased at eventbrite. Check out the photos that we captured while they were setting up the stage.
10 Things You Don’t Know About Josh Turner
Josh Turner, Josh Thompson, Glen Templeton, Casey James and Straight Laced in our first Taste of Country concert tomorrow night. We will see you at Ellis Park! $25 gets you in!
Now the final two of 10 Things You Don't Know About Josh Turner.

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