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Reba McEntire Performs 'Back to God' [VIDEO]
Every once in a while a country song comes along that touches me deeply and this is one of them. Randy Houser co-wrote the single and brought it to life in 2009 and now Reba McEntire is doing it justice on her new album.
Randy Houser In Evansville!
One of the best voices in today's country in headed to Evansville! Randy Houser's "We Went" tour will be at the Aiken Theatre on Saturday, November 28th and he's bringing some friends along for the fun!
Major Concert Announcement!
Here at WBKR, we typically know all the scoop on the upcoming concerts in this area. But, every now and then even us DJ's get a concert surprise! This surprise has made my day! Y'all are gonna be soooo excited!
Coming to The Ford Center, Wednesday, February 11th is.....
Like A Cowboy Live [Video]
Confession time from Chad!  There are plenty of songs about summer on the radio right now and we, naturally, are playing the heck out of all them.  But, for me, my absolute favorite song of the summer is a ballad.  Not only is Randy Houser's "Like A Cowboy" one of my favorite songs of the …

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