I've dined at all the locations listed as the "Best Restaurants in Owensboro on TripAdvisor.com" and I agree with...well, most of the selections! Some surprises are on and off the list for sure.

I use TripAdvisior.com when I travel to be sure I book a good hotel room, in a safe area, with the amenities I long for. I also use it to see what fun things there are to do and what restaurants have the best food in the city to make my vacation something special. So, I wondered, what restaurants are reviewed as the best in Owensboro? Some came as a surprise!

#10 comes as no surprise as the lines to get a burger are always long and the food is always so good. Big Dipper makes the Top Ten! Be sure to order the tater tots, extra crispy please!

See more details and the Big Dipper menu here: https://www.facebook.com/OwensboroBigDipper

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Coming in at #9 is a steakhouse staple in Owensboro. When I want a juicy ribeye steak, I know I'll get that at Texas Roadhouse. I actually get the steak made a special way that isn't even offered on the menu! Next time you're at Texas Roadhouse, order your steak "Wetzel Style" and if you like great seasoning, you'll get it, but they won't tell you the secret. The call ahead seating is a must!

See more details and the Texas Roadhouse menu here: https://www.texasroadhouse.com/restaurant-locations/kentucky/owensboro

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Unless you stop in for lunch to enjoy their great sandwiches and soups, #8 on the list may come as a surprise. The fresh bread and cookies are a staple and I'm not surprised that our friends at Great Harvest Bread Company have landed in this spot. Soups like my Momma used to make!

See more details and the Great Harvest Bread Company menu here: http://greatharvestowensboro.com/

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I admit that this is one of my favorites in the summer. They have outside seating so it's perfect to take in the sights and sounds of Downtown Owensboro. Whether you like Greek food, pizza, pasta or anything in between, you'll get great quality food at #7 on the list.... Famous Bistro.

See more details and the Famous Bistro menu here: https://www.facebook.com/famousbistro

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If you love fine dining and great fresh food, from an excellent chef, then Bill's is the place to go this weekend. Bill's earned it's place at #6 on the list of Best Restaurants in Owensboro. I haven't been there in a while, but I've had wonderful food anytime I've stopped in. You will too!

See more details and the Bill's menu here: http://www.atbills.com/

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The #5 best reviewed restaurant has a great menu, good prices and one of my favorites for a good steak or their Angus Burger. So very good. Whether you choose fine dining in the main quarters or get with friends in the bar downstairs, you know the service and food will be spot on at The Miller House. I almost forgot to mention the selection of Bourbon's they carry. One of the biggest in the state! Experience it all today.

See more details and the Miller House menu here: http://themillerhouserestaurant.com/

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Can you smell that? How about the mouth-watering smoked BBQ from the #4 restaurant on the list? Old Hickory Pit Bar-B-Q  is heaven. I mean. I can't even explain this restaurant to you. You just need to try it for yourself. This is a staple for anyone who loves smokey, tender meat with great sides. Now, I'm very hungry!

See more details and the Old Hickory menu here: http://oldhickorybar-b-q.com/

The only pizza restaurant to make the list comes in at #3. Fetta Specialty Pizza has such a big variety of unique pizza flavors and it's the perfect summer place to gather with family and friends downtown on the patio. My favorite's are the Mashed Potato Pizza and Smothers Park. The service is always so friendly too! Love it.

See more details and the Fetta Pizza menu here: http://www.fettaspecialtypizza.com/

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All you can eat home cooked veggies and juicy BBQ yes please! Plan on wearing your elastic band pants as you'll be so full when you leave the #2 restaurant on this list, you'll want a nap! Just when you think you can't eat another bite at Moonlite Bar-B-Q Inn, you'll take one look at the deserts like your Momma used to make and somehow will find room for a little more! I highly recommend the pulled pork drenched with their amazing sauce, the mac & cheese and banana pudding. Trust me, you'll leave this place full!

See more details and the Moonlite menu here: http://www.moonlite.com/

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The moment you've been waiting for is here, and I actually just ate there last week. Can I just say that the restaurant taking the #1 spot totally deserves it. At Colby's the service was spot on with the servers knowing how to deliver the food to the table. First apps and then with just the right amount of time came the soups and salad, then the meal arrived as the soup and salad was finished. Perfection. I had the Hawaiian Rib-Eye Steak and it was melt in your mouth delicious. I can't wait to go back soon!

See more details and the Colby's menu here: http://www.colbysfinefoodandspirits.com/

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