If we are being totally honest we have all taken our hairstylists for granted. With COVID-19 locking them up for 10 weeks we are all singing their praises as they freshen us up just in time for summer.
What's Your Reason For Smiling?
I can think of a million reasons to moan and groan during this COVID-19 quarantine time but instead, I asked people in the Tristate to share a smiling selfie and the reason for their gratitude. Everyone needs a reason to smile these days.
Post A Silly Selfie Make Us Laugh
Angel here. I don't know about you all but I am so exhausted from hearing about this virus and that sickness I just want something positive in my newsfeed so I asked for #HILARIOUS selfies and goodness did you all deliver. If you are looking for a laugh here you go.
Momo Challenge Hits The Tristate
Parents all across the nation are taking to social media to warn others about the horrifying Momo Challenge that is targeting young children on YouTube and other games and apps.